/ch/open Workshop-Days: Symfony2 and Sencha Touch

This year’s /ch/open Workshop-Days will take place at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland from September 13th to 15th 2011. There will be workshops on various OOS topics, ranging from MongoDB over Physical-Computing with Arduino all the way to Android Game Development. All in all a pretty neat program.

We will take part in the Workshop-Days by hosting two workshops on Symfony2 and Sencha Touch.


Introduction to the Symfony2 PHP Framework

By now, you must have heard of Symfony2 – the new state of the art in the world of PHP frameworks. It is highly flexible, built according to the latest best practices with regard to testing, security and performance. It also borrows many proven concepts and ideas from framework of other languages like Spring, Django or Rails.

Jordi, who is a core developer of the Symfony2 project, will be giving a full-day workshop in which you will quickly go over the project setup, and then move on to learn the framework by looking at an existing application. You will then extend this application to explore Symfony more in depth.

This workshop is limited to 10 people and it will be held in English. More information and registration can be found here: /ch/open Symfony2 Workshop – for our non German-speaking readers, you have to click on Anmeldung to register.

Mobile Web Applications with the Sencha Touch MVC Framework

Sencha Touch is an MVC Framework intended for writing complex mobile web apps. It is based on HTML5, CSS3 und JavaScript. An application developed with Sencha Touch feels native on Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphone. You can pack up a Sencha Touch app and deliver it over the different app stores and markets or simply run it in a browser.

Pierre will be giving a full-day workshop in which you will write and extend a mobile web application for Techup. The application resulting of this workshop will be published as an open source project.

This workshop will be held in German. More information and registration can be found here: /ch/open Sencha Touch Workshop

See you there!

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