Nelmio goes in-house…

By the end of this month, most of our client projects are ready to ship.

  • concat – our big-data project – thrives to explains the stock-market.
  • colibird – a state of the art web-of-things application – monitors energy in buildings.
  • kleio supports artists in their daily business.

So what comes next?

In-house contracting

In addition to client projects we regularly do in-house contracting. We integrate an existing team and assist with the technologies we specialise in. We help with the bootstrapping of a new project, add some manpower to a late project or simply join your team for a while to work and spread our knowledge.

After 3 years of Nelmio’s existence, we have realised that we really love that part of our job. It is what we do best. Where we can really focus on what we love. Ultimately, it is where our clients really get the most out of us. As a consequence, we have decided to focus on in-house contracting for a while.

Hire us

So here we are now, a bunch of highly qualified and motivated people ready to join your team:

  • Jordi is the author of Composer and knows every dirty secret of Symfony and PHP. He also has a good working knowledge of JavaScript and common sysadmin tasks.
  • Pierre has a passion of JavaScript. MV* frameworks (Backbone.js, Chaplin, …) are his daily business and he has developed a taste for CoffeeScript and node.js.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly if your team needs some additional manpower:

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