Igor Wiedler Joins the Team

We’re happy to welcome Igor Wiedler into our ranks starting in August!

He has been involved with phpBB development for a few years, but more importantly is core developer of the Silex micro-framework which is based on Symfony2 Components, which makes him a Symfony2 contributor as well.

You can find him on twitter and github.

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/ch/open Workshop-Days: Symfony2 and Sencha Touch

This year’s /ch/open Workshop-Days will take place at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland from September 13th to 15th 2011. There will be workshops on various OOS topics, ranging from MongoDB over Physical-Computing with Arduino all the way to Android Game Development. All in all a pretty neat program.

We will take part in the Workshop-Days by hosting two workshops on Symfony2 and Sencha Touch.

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Coworking Space – Office As A Service

When Jordi and I started fantasizing about starting our own business, we immediately agreed that we would use as many services as needed to make our lives easier. We took the idea as far as having an office as a service. Continue reading

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Hello World

Here comes the obligatory Hello World post :)

We now have a blog, and our site has been completed with a few more pages explaining who we are and what we can do for you. Go check it out!

In other news, last week Nelmio AG has been officially published in the Handelsregister / Commercial Register.

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