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Firefox OS App Day

Last weekend I attended the first Firefox OS App Day held in Switzerland. Mozilla held the event to promote their new mobile operating system to developers and have people try and build apps.

Firefox OS is a new mobile OS by Mozilla that is entirely web based and therefore quite interesting for us web developers. They are developing many new JavaScript APIs to enable developers to use all the functionalities native apps typically get access to on other devices. And by submitting them for standardization to the W3C, there is a hope that one day all these APIs will be available on all platforms, making mobile web apps an even more attractive option.

In the morning a few talks were held to introduce the ecosystem and APIs. Then after a lunch break we had a few hours to hack an application together. My idea was to take a picture with the front-facing camera whenever you get a call. That picture would then be stored as the contact’s picture so that every time they call you you see the face you made the last time. It is a bit strange but sounded like a funny experiment.

Unfortunately the APIs to access the camera and handle incoming phone calls are for now still restricted to pre-installed applications (so-called Carrier apps). This means you can develop such an app and test it on your device if it is installed via the USB cable, but you could not deploy it on the Firefox Marketplace. It also means that right now those APIs are even less documented than the rest.

I did not find any docs for the camera API at all and had to look into the camera app’s sources to reverse engineer how to work the camera. That is a clear upside of fact that the entire OS is open source and written in JavaScript. Unfortunately I never managed to get an answer from the camera, when trying to take a picture it would just hang.

The telephony API on the other hand was documented a bit, but the docs did not include which permissions the app had to request to access the telephony objects, so I lost a lot of time with a crashing app before I figured it out looking at the OS sources again.

All in all the phones and OS still feel a bit “beta” when compared to more mature platforms. But it looks a lot better than what I saw six months ago in the pre-release state so I am quite hopeful that it will become an interesting platform in the near future.

My app in its somewhat broken state is available on github. I imagine the issues with the camera and all are fixable but I do not have a phone to test it with yet so I can not really work on the app anymore. The emulator allows you to develop some types of apps but it seems the camera and telephony APIs are not supported yet.

In any case Firefox OS is fun to play with for web developers and I would recommend you give it a shot, exciting times ahead!

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