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Nelmio goes in-house…

By the end of this month, most of our client projects are ready to ship.

  • concat – our big-data project – thrives to explains the stock-market.
  • colibird – a state of the art web-of-things application – monitors energy in buildings.
  • kleio supports artists in their daily business.

So what comes next?

In-house contracting

In addition to client projects we regularly do in-house contracting. We integrate an existing team and assist with the technologies we specialise in. We help with the bootstrapping of a new project, add some manpower to a late project or simply join your team for a while to work and spread our knowledge.

After 3 years of Nelmio’s existence, we have realised that we really love that part of our job. It is what we do best. Where we can really focus on what we love. Ultimately, it is where our clients really get the most out of us. As a consequence, we have decided to focus on in-house contracting for a while.

Hire us

So here we are now, a bunch of highly qualified and motivated people ready to join your team:

  • Jordi is the author of Composer and knows every dirty secret of Symfony and PHP. He also has a good working knowledge of JavaScript and common sysadmin tasks.
  • Pierre has a passion of JavaScript. MV* frameworks (Backbone.js, Chaplin, …) are his daily business and he has developed a taste for CoffeeScript and node.js.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly if your team needs some additional manpower: hello@nelm.io

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Nelmio is hiring

You might have heard of us. If not, here is
who we are:

We are a little company in Zürich, Switzerland. Our clients trust us. Our projects are technically challenging and mostly use cutting edge technologies such as Backbone.js, Symfony2, Redis and CouchDB. By keeping the company small we have the ability to carefully choose the projects we want to work on. This also gives us time to attend many conferences, both as speakers and attendees. And starting this autumn, we will be working on our product as well!

Right now, we would like to grow by one person.

Problems we currently solve are:

  • Finding best practices for pure JS applications using Backbone.js.
  • Writing REST APIs in Symfony2
  • Optimizing CouchDB and MySQL to cope with large amounts of data.
  • Web of things – Connecting physical sensors with the web. This is particularly fun and hard.
  • DevOps – Automating deployments and server setup.

Things we do:

  • Code. Code. Code.
  • Learn from clients.
  • Teach and empower our clients.
  • Learn from each other. A lot!
  • Care about the little things that make a difference.
  • Fun things, because.

Things we don’t know:

  • Designing beautiful sites. But we know people who do this very well.
  • Ruby, Python, Dart, … We write mostly JS and PHP, and contribute a lot to make sure these stay in the game.
  • CMS. We only work on tailored solutions.

So, what do you think? Would you like to join our team?

  • We do work mostly in English even if there is always someone who throws in some French or German words.
  • You should have good communication skills, and be able to act autonomously. The ability to learn and think is more important than your existing knowledge.
  • Remote work could be an option. You would need to be in roughly the same time zone and can come work in Zürich for a few weeks in the beginning. That way we could get to know each other.

Send us your CV, GitHub account or anything you think is relevant to hello@nelm.io.

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The Algorithm That Named Us Nelmio

I have never been one of the cool kids that play in a band, but I have heard that kids in a band spend more time coming up with a good name than actually playing music. My co-founder Jordi and I felt a bit like that in the first few months after deciding that we would start our own company. At that time we were still working a full-time job at Liip and had many side projects in addition to speaking at various conferences. We simply did not have enough energy to put into our new company. But whenever we met, we eagerly discussed new business ideas and fantasized about the hardware we would provide our employees. Sometimes we even worked on minor projects like Techup or Don’t Make Me Steal (did you sign the petition?). And there was one thing we always ended up doing, no matter what: Trying to find a good name for our company.

This is the story of how we came up with the perfect way to name a company! Continue reading

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Igor Wiedler Joins the Team

We’re happy to welcome Igor Wiedler into our ranks starting in August!

He has been involved with phpBB development for a few years, but more importantly is core developer of the Silex micro-framework which is based on Symfony2 Components, which makes him a Symfony2 contributor as well.

You can find him on twitter and github.

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Coworking Space – Office As A Service

When Jordi and I started fantasizing about starting our own business, we immediately agreed that we would use as many services as needed to make our lives easier. We took the idea as far as having an office as a service. Continue reading

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Hello World

Here comes the obligatory Hello World post :)

We now have a blog, and our site has been completed with a few more pages explaining who we are and what we can do for you. Go check it out!

In other news, last week Nelmio AG has been officially published in the Handelsregister / Commercial Register.

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