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The CSS Class of XSLT: <xsl:attribute-set/>

During my vacation in Italy I have written as small MarkDown to PDF converter that we use for our letters and invoices here at Nelmio. For this purpose I have used FOP, Apache’s open source implementation of XSL-FO. I consider XSL-FO to be the easiest method to programmatically generate PDFs while remaining in total control of the produced result. Plus: it always gives me the opportunity to play with one of my fetish languages: XSLT.

While fiddling around my stylesheets I came across an XSLT element which I had never used before, the

<xsl:attribute -set></xsl:attribute>

. It proved itself quite useful and I wish I would have known about it in my previous work with XSLT.

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July 11, 2011 by Pierre Spring in Development // Tags: , , , 7 Comments